If you're part of a UK institution that provides research and innovation resources to the academic and industrial community, you can register your resources as research and innovation infrastructures (RIIs) on this portal. To do so, please create an account by filling out the form below. You will be sent a one-time log-in link which you should use to log into your account and set a password. Once logged in, if someone on your team has already registered your infrastructures, they can add you to their 'group' to help them maintain the entries and add new infrastructures managed by your team. They can see the Support for details on how to do this. If your institution/team's infrastructures have never been registered before, you will need to make a new group. See the Support section 'Registering a new infrastructure' for details on how to do this. Please note: once your entries have been approved, you will be asked by email once every year to check that they are up to date.

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Once logged in, click 'user menu' in the top right for the user guide and your infrastructure groups.