National Environmental Isotope Facility (NEIF)

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The National Environmental Isotope Facility (NEIF) provides world–leading integrated analytical capability to support the UK NERC science communities. The facility provides: (i) unparalleled analytical capacity and data quality to serve internationally competitive research projects and programmes, (ii) a diverse range of specialist expertise and instrumentation, not available locally in most HEIs, (iii) a national platform for innovation that supports training, development and the international competitiveness of the UK research community, and (iv) to promote awareness of environmental research and related NERC activities.

The NEIF underpins the UKRI-NERC (solid earth, archaeological, environmental and life) science communities and allows us to build upon, and consolidate, world leading capabilities in isotope science. Improvements in isotope metrology over the last fifty years have afforded ever-increasing precise determinations of both radiogenic and stable isotope abundances and ratios in evermore wide-ranging materials. These advances have driven a fundamental revolution in the geo-sciences (e.g., plate tectonics, climate change) and bio-sciences (e.g., human evolution, ecosystem function, perturbations and resilience) and have been central to the progress of the many areas that now comprise the field of environmental science. Our mission is to deliver world leading national facilities for the investigation of isotopes, elements and molecules that provides a means for synergetic development of NEIF and the UK research community. To service the UK science community, NEIF offers an integrated platform of analytical capability that streamlines and enhances delivery mechanisms. 






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