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The Nanocentre’s vision is to be a world leading interdisciplinary centre for dynamic and collaborative materials research on the nanoscale, underpinned by innovative instrument development in electron and scanning probe imaging and spectroscopies. It is a joint venture between Chemistry, Electronic Engineering and Physics at the University of York. The Nanocentre provides essential advanced electron microscopy and scanning probe microscopy facilities for materials research and characterisation, and delivers training and support for new and existing users of these instruments. Such training is given to undergraduate students, PhD and MSc students and PDRAs from Physics, Chemistry and Electronic Engineering and a wide range of disciplines. The facilities available include the JEOL 2200FS double aberration corrected TEM/STEM with EDX in purpose-built room. The instrument is unique in the capability for dynamic open cell in-situ experiments under operational conditions of controlled temperature (up to 1000 C) and in gas environments. We are procuring a new state-of-the-art AC-eSTEM with atomic resolution spectroscopy in controlled environmental conditions; JEOL 2011 TEM with EDX. JEOL 7800F Prime Field Emission SEM with EDX microanalysis and mapping capability. JEOL 7000F Field Emission SEM with EDX. FEI Nova 200 FIBSEM focussed ion beam milling facility combined with FESEM. JEOL JSPM 5200 SPM multi-purpose, high resolution scanning probe microscope (SPM) with capability to operate in vacuum. The instrument is for quantitative scanning thermal microscopy research development project. Bruker Bioscope Resolve AFM biology-compatible atomic force microscope with PeakForce scanning mode. Range of sample preparation facilities to support electron microscopy. There is a wide range of other facilities for materials growth and characterisation which can be accessed at the Nanocentre through specific arrangements with academic staff, these include clean room, Raith electron beam lithography, and Kloe Dilase 650 high-resolution high-speed lithography direct optical writer.


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