Wales Asthma Observatory

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The Wales Asthma Observatory (WAO) is a platform for asthma research and surveillance.

It was developed to explore what is happening to patients with asthma in Wales and to examine this longitudinally in order to support improvements in the quality of treatment and care provided to patients and to also inform health service planning and clinical research.

The WAO includes a cumulative cohort of asthma patients covering most of Wales, totalling over 470,000 people with ever-diagnosed and treated asthma. The registry consists of a database detailing the care received by asthma patients, the incidence, outcomes, healthcare events and treatments related to asthma.

The WAO is based on electronic health record data collected routinely since 1990 which are de-identified and linked in the SAIL Databank. Data include research-ready asthma-related variables such as asthma case definitions, prescriptions, exacerbations, hospital admissions, and other asthma-related outcomes. The WAO can be linked to other cohorts and non-health data such environmental and educational attainment data within the SAIL Databank. WAO can be used to understand the epidemiology of asthma in Wales, support quality improvement initiatives, and inform health service planning and clinical research.

WAO is funded by Health and Care Research Wales and Swansea Bay University Health Board.

We welcome approaches from researchers who wish to collaboratively access the WAO data. Please contact Dr Mohammad Alsallakh, who created and developed the WAO, and Professor Gwyneth Davies, Founding Director of the WAO. To access the WAO, researchers need to apply for permission from the SAIL Databank.


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