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“Viking Genes” is a research programme and data resource at the University of Edinburgh. The research aims to use unique features of people with ancestry from the Western and Northern Isles of Scotland to identify genetic variations that influence health and disease. 

It includes two population and family-based studies that have completed recruitment, ORCADES and Viking Health Study Shetland, plus an ongoing online and postal study, VIKING II. Viking Genes is completing the recruitment of 10,000 volunteer participants with ancestry (two or more grandparents) from the Northern and Western Isles of Scotland.

Eligible people can take part in Viking Genes from anywhere in the world, with DNA extracted from their saliva samples after postage to the University of Edinburgh.

We have generated rich genetic and phenotype datasets, including whole genome sequences, NHS electronic health record linkage and "multi-omics" phenotypes. We have permissions in place for return of results for selected “actionable” genetic variants, working closely with NHS Scotland, and are starting the process of implementing this.

All Viking Genes volunteers gave their informed consent to allow researchers to access their electronic health record data and to be re-contacted about new research opportunities. Data is made available through a managed access policy, 


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