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Veterinary pathology is essential for fundamental disease diagnosis, medical and veterinary research and drug discovery. The Surrey Veterinary Pathology Centre (VPC) offers state of the art facilities to the scientific, medical and veterinary communities. The £11 million state of the art Veterinary Pathology Centre for anatomy teaching, research and commercial activity offers gross unique post-mortem examination facilities for livestock, equines, exotics, laboratory and companion animals at ACDP1-3 containment levels. The Veterinary Pathology Centre (VPC) houses a multidisciplinary team of veterinary scientists, microbiologists, pathologists and immunologists, who work together to better understand disease processes in humans and animals. In addition to its diagnostic capabilities, the VPC offers research pathology services to the scientific community, including those working in medical and veterinary research and higher education institutions, government laboratories and commercial organisations. We offer advice on study design, tissue processing and a full histological interpretation service, as well as a number of histological and immuno-histochemical techniques in our state-of-the-art Veterinary Pathology Centre. Slide scanning and digital image analysis is also available.


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