University of Oxford Clinical Biomanufacturing Facility

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The Clinical Biomanufacturing Facility (CBF) is an MHRA-licensed manufacturer of clinical lots of vaccines and some other biologicals. It is part of the University of Oxford and managed by the Jenner Institute, within the Nuffield Department of Medicine. Most vaccines are made for the research and development programmes of University vaccinologists and the focus is mainly on new vaccines for unmet medical need. Since 2005 over twenty new vaccines, mostly viral vectors but also proteins and virus-like particles, have been manufactured for first-in-human clinical trials. The CBF undertakes process development and can also fill and finish vaccine batches and releases vaccines to clinical trials. The CBF is a rare example of a university-based GMP manufacturer of diverse vaccine types and works closely with researchers and advises on process development and timelines. This allows vaccines to be manufactured at lower cost and often more quickly than at commercial contract manufacturing organisations. Enquiries from potential external customers are welcome but in general the needs of internal academic users are prioritised.


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