University of Manchester Near-Ambient Pressure X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Facility

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to what it does The University of Manchester Near-Ambient Pressure XPS facility provides Near-Ambient Pressure XPS characterisation to academia and industry. X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) is a vital surface characterisation technique in routine usage in many research fields and industries (catalysis, electrochemistry/batteries, thin film coating). XPS is a high vacuum technique, restricting it to post-mortem measurements. Near-Ambient Pressure XPS (NAP-XPS) is an evolution of this technique in which the sample environment can be maintained at a “Near-Ambient” pressure (1-10 mbar). This allows for operando surface characterisation of materials and devices - for example the surface chemistry of a heterogeneous catalyst can be studied during its operation. to research/innovation goals and objectives 1. Keep the UoM’s NAP-XPS instrument at the cutting edge of the technique by continual instrument development. Our key development objective is to develop methodologies to allow the study of the solid/liquid interface in-situ and refine until this is a capability we can offer our end-users on a routine basis. 2. Retain a diverse user base who exploit the unique capabilities of Near-Ambient Pressure XPS and keep usage as close to capacity as possible. to why it is important Near-Ambient Pressure XPS is a rapidly expanding technique which has the potential to provide unprecedented insight in a variety of research areas (examples include catalysis, batteries, corrosion). This is a complex technique which requires both highly specialised equipment and expertise. A facility model is therefore the best way to deliver this technique to the research community. The UoM’s NAP-XPS facility offers fully supported NAP-XPS equipment access to the UK research community. It is the longest-running NAP-XPS facility in the UK and supports a diverse user base. Increasingly, it will also act as a “feeder facility” for the newly-commissioned NAP-XPS beamline at the Diamond Synchrotron (VERSOX, B07) by providing initial NAP-XPS characterisation to support beamtime applications.


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