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High voltage equipment is of vital importance in a range of sectors including energy networks and transport systems (such as the future HV systems being deployed in aerospace environments). The development of any high voltage equipment can be supported by numerical and lower voltage experimental simulations. However, research and development ultimately requires robust, full-scale, high voltage testing to fully understand the physical degradation / failure processes that can take place. The University of Manchester High voltage Test facility includes a 2MV impulse generator, an 800kV 2A AC test set and a 600kV 200mA DC test set. This key equipment is complemented by a pool of equipment including a 10 kA high current transformer, a range of smaller voltage supplies, environmental test chambers and a range of diagnostic and measurement equipment including dielectric permittivity / dissipation factor measurement, particle counters, Karl Fisher and acidity titrations, viscometer, particle induced velocimetry, partial discharge detection systems, UV/IR/visible high speed imaging systems and microscopy capability. The facility presently supports work in the following technical areas: •Advanced high voltage / high field materials •Ecologically friendly HV assets (lines, cables, transformers, switchgear) •DC transmission voltage work including new equipment design and asset management •Asset management •High voltage systems in demanding environments


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