University of Hertfordshire High-Performance Computing Facility

Submitted by Joe Dudman on Thu, 09/24/2020 - 14:04

UH HPC provides high-performance computing facilities to research staff and students at UH and to a community of collaborators nationally and internationally, including externally funded consortia such as LOFAR-UK and WEAVE. It aims to facilitate both medium-scale HPC requirements (with around 5,000 compute cores) and high-throughput data processing (with around 2 PB of attached fast storage). Applications include computational fluid dynamics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, 'big data' analysis in astrophysics, exoplanet searches and drug design. Large-scale computing and the ability to generate and interact with high volumes of data are key to many areas of research.


Biological Sciences, Health & Food
E-Infrastructure & Data
Physical Sciences & Engineering



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