UK Polar Data Centre

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The UK Polar Data Centre, based at the British Antarctic Survey, is the UK's national data centre for polar and cryospheric science. It is part of the Natural Environment Research Council’s (NERC) Environmental Data Service (EDS) -

Our main goal is to ensure that environmental data collected in the polar and cryospheric regions are made available and accessible to all in order to fully realise their reuse potential. This aim is in accordance with the NERC data policy and, for the Antarctic, upholds Article III 1(c) of the Antarctic Treaty.

To meet this goal, we:

  • Coordinate the management of polar data from UK-funded research
  • Advise on best practice throughout the data management life cycle from data planning to developing tools for data discovery and access
  • Provide operational data services, supporting data capture and transfer systems on UK polar stations, ships and aircraft
  • Support researchers in making data available and accessible to all in order to fully realise their reuse potential,​ in compliance with national and international data legislation and p​olicy​
  • Ensure that the original data collectors are properly acknowledged when data are reused through the creation of dataset citations​



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