The University of Manchester Dalton Cumbrian Facility

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DCF is the University of Manchester’s research base for radiation science, co-located with additional nearby capability in robotics research applicable to the nuclear sector. Since opening in 2013 DCF has become firmly established as a key national research asset and is a delivery partner in three strategic programmes: the National Nuclear User Facility, the Henry Royce Institute for Advanced Materials and the EPSRC UK National Ion Beam Centre, delivered in partnership with the universities of Surrey and Huddersfield. We are open to academic and industry researchers from the UK and overseas, with over 60 organisations in our user network. DCF sits at the interface between academia and industry and our researchers can respond effectively to key technical challenges and develop close industry relationships through supported PhD delivery, directed research programmes and knowledge transfer. Our unique radiation science capability enables ground breaking research into the effects of ionising radiations on materials and chemical and biological systems. Our large scale irradiation equipment comprises two ion beam accelerator systems incorporating material damage and in-situ characterisation and testing across 8 beamlines, a high dose rate gamma irradiator and an x-ray cabinet irradiator. The irradiation capability is complemented by a suite of material preparation and characterisation equipment. Our equipment is maintained and operated by a team of research-active experts, who work closely with users to support the development and delivery of experiments. Whilst the majority of our radiation science work is associated with the nuclear sector we also undertake cross-sector work on a collaborative or commercial basis, particularly in the space, robotics, health and bio sectors.

Our decommissioning engineering expertise supports UK Government Industrial Strategy, with a focus on development of robotic systems for use in challenging environments. We undertake research and development in remote operations, restricted access exploration, monitoring, communications and control systems design. We have tested and deployed robotics systems on nuclear licensed sites, including Sellafield and Fukushima Daiichi. DCF technical capability is complemented by cross-disciplinary social science research into the nuclear sector.

Our strategic goals reflect the research goals of The University of Manchester: facilitating research impact and excellence, providing a quality user and student experience, and developing an inclusive and socially responsible research community.


Biological Sciences, Health & Food
Physical Sciences & Engineering
Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities
Radiation effects
Material science
Ion beam technology



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