The Million Women Study

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Ongoing large UK prospective cohort study of women's health. 1.3 million UK women , largely born 1935-1950, recruited 1996-2001 and followed up by linkage to electronic health records and by repeat postal and online surveys. Blood samples available for subset of cohort. Wide remit with investigation of modifiable risk factors for common and serious conditions of middle and older age in women. Research includes factors such as obesity, diet, alcohol, use of hormone therapy and of bisphosphonates, exercise, social factors, reproductive history, health economics; in relation to cancers, osteoporosis and fracture, cardiovascular disease, dementia and other conditions. Findings have influenced health policy (eg, increased risk of breast cancer in women taking combined oestrogen-progestagen HT, and subsequent results on the effects on cancer and other risk of HT of different types taken by women with different characteristics at different times since menopause). Valuable ongoing epidemiological resource with advantage of virtually complete follow-up for over 1 million women for over 20 years, giving power to study rare outcomes and those, such as dementia, for which a long pre-clinical period means reverse causation bias is an issue for epidemiological analyses.


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