Target Discovery Proteomics

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The Target Discovery Proteomics lab focusses on mass spectrometry based proteome analysis in context of fundamental and clinical research. This includes (quantitative) analyses of proteomes, phosphorylation and other PTM events, clinical specimen etc. We have state of the art mass spectrometers including Tims TOF Pro, TimsTOF Flex, Orbitrap Lumos etc. for data generation. Other equipment include CellenONE single cell aliquoter, Covaris sonicator, Bravo Assaymap liquid handler and Leica LMD7 laser capture micropscope.

We are driving spatial proteomics and lipidomics approaches in multiple disease areas such as cancer, kidney disease and arthritis in collaboration with groups across Oxford, UK and the world.


Biological Sciences, Health & Food
mass spectrometry



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