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TARANIS (Terawatt Apparatus for Relativistic and Non-linear Interdisciplinary Science) is a Nd:glass laser system, which delivers 30 Joule/1.5 nanosecond pulses in each of two beamlines , which are compressible (via Chirped Pulse Amplification techniques) to ~ 20Joule/0.5 picosecond, for a complessive power of 80 TW. The laser pulses can be delivered delivered to two fully equipped target areas, complete of interaction chambers and an extensive set of diagnostics: optical (16 bits, large-chip CCD cameras, optical streak cameras), X-rays (range of X-UV and x-ray spectrometers) and particle diagnostics/detectors (Thomson parabolas/magnetic spectrometers, Micro-Channel Plates, Image Plate and RCF scanners). The system supports a range of experimental activities (including several EPSRC-supported programmes) all based around high-power laser interactions with matter and the applications of secondary sources from this interaction. Supported activities include laser-driven ion acceleration, pulsed radiobiology and radiolysis, warm dense matter studies, development of pulsed x-ray sources, electron transport studies. The facility is also used for training early career researchers, and for precursor experiments and preliminary tests leading to follow-up activities in larger laser facilities, such as the Central Laser Facility at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. TARANIS is currently being upgraded, with funding from EPSRC, with the addition of an ultrashort beamline (10 fs, initially at 10s of mJ energy level). TARANIS is the largest University-based system in Europe in its category, with largest systems only available in national facilities/ large research laboratories. The power and intensity by TARANIS are significant enough to allow for internationally competitive research, while, compared to large facilities, where competitive access is typically available only for a few weeks at a time, the TARANIS system offers opportunities for extended investigations with less time pressure. As mentioned above, such a system is also essential for preparatory studies and PhD training.


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