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The Hartree Centre was founded in 2012 and is now in its third phase of funding (having received £170M of core funding from the UK Govt to date). The 3rd phase in particular represents a significant collaboration with IBM and has established an IBM Research presence at Sci-Tech Daresbury. Our mission: “To transform the competitiveness of UK industry by accelerating the adoption of high performance computing, big data analytics and cognitive (AI) technologies.” Our vision is for UK industry and public services to fully embrace and integrate the latest digital and AI technologies into their business to outperform their global competitors, grow the economy and keep the UK at the forefront of industrial innovation. Hartree is unique in the UK as we work across academia, industry and public services in order to apply the latest research and technology to the benefit of the UK economy. At a time when technology is the principle driver in transforming every business/operating model it is critical the UK has this function. Due to our scale we also have significant strategic partnerships with IBM (co-located at Sci-Tech Daresbury), Atos (also with a presence at Sci-Tech), NVIDIA (we host the JADE AI supercomputer) and Intel (we host an Intel Parallel Computing Centre). We are a growing organisation, recently made a distinct department within National Labs in STFC, with around 60 staff working across many applied research areas allowing us to engage with a number of sectors including engineering and manufacturing, materials and chemistry, life sciences, healthcare, agriculture, public utilities (water), energy and AI and, of course, technology in its own right. We have four key offerings in order to support this goal: - Collaborative R&D - Developing Digital Assets - Platform as a Service (HPCaaS, Deep Learning as a Service) - Training and skills development To support these offerings, we have staff with expertise across the above disciplines and rapidly growing teams of data scientists, HPC software engineers, research software engineers, project managers, business development managers and technologists. Our facilities range from HPC (Scafell Pike, Atos/Intel Skylake and Xeon Phi), Deep Learning (JADE, NVIDIA GPU cluster hosted on behalf of University of Oxford), to more converged platforms from IBM (IBM Power 8/NVIDIA and Power8+/NVIDIA). All of these facilities are the largest of their kind in the UK available to industry.


Biological Sciences, Health & Food
E-Infrastructure & Data
Physical Sciences & Engineering
Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities



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