Rothamsted Field Scanalyzer

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This is the world’s first field crop analytics facility supported by Rothamsted Research and BBSRC. The Field Scanalyzer comprises of a gantry that supports a motorised measuring platform with multiple sensors. Crops within a 15m x 120m area can be monitored throughout the season with a high degree of resolution and reproducibility. The facility is fully automated and can operate 24 hours per day throughout the year. On board illumination facilitates the data collection and sensors for simultaneous and non-destructive analyses of plant growth, morphology and physiology. Together, the data obtained from the panel of sensors will provide a complex picture of plant growth and vigour from single field experiments. The Field Scanalyzer is robust enough to cope with harsh environmental conditions with high sampling frequency and greenhouse accuracy, which provides information concerning the varietal responses to the extrinsic environment and their effect on yield. CAMERAS AND SENSORS Rothamsted’s Field Scanalyzer is equipped with the most complete high-resolution sensor array that may be accurately positioned in three dimensions and mounted on fixed rails. The platform facilitates the continual and high-throughput monitoring of performance and health of field grown crops. Employed sensors comprise of high-resolution visible, chlorophyll fluorescence and thermal infrared cameras, two hyperspectral imagers, and dual 3D laser scanners. The sensor array facilitates specific growth measurements and identification of key growth stages with dense temporal and spectral resolution. Together, this platform produces a detailed description of canopy development and health across the crops entire lifecycle, with a high-degree of accuracy and reproducibility.


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