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The Quality in Organ Donation (QUOD) initiative is a nationwide programme which aims to identify pathways of injury and repair in donor organs. Our mission is to save lives and cut health care costs by increasing the pool of transplantable organs, thereby addressing the growing gap between supply and demand in organ transplantation. We do this by enabling research into mechanisms of organ injury and repair, with direct application to organ transplant and wider application in some areas of chronic disease research. We have created a national bioresource for biological samples (blood, urine and tissues) collected from organ donors at several key time points during the donation process. The combined knowledge of donor demographic and outcome data from the subsequent transplant of the organ(s) (from NHSBT data) will provide researchers with valuable insight into how organs are affected long term by unnatural disturbance of a number of complex pathways after brain death and intracranial events leading to donation following circulatory arrest. Currently QUOD collects samples from liver, kidney, heart, lung, and pancreas donors. A recent expansion funded by the MRC has allowed QUOD to begin developing scientific platforms including state-of-the-art pathology, genomics, proteomics, and imaging techniques to create online searchable atlases, representing a spectrum of normal, stressed, and chronically diseased organs.


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