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At the cross section of QUB Excellence in storytelling performance arts, computer vision and machine learning, QUB Medialab is a facility that has positioned itself to take advantage of step change opportunities in virtual production, enhance digital transformation for the media and performing arts sectors and provide an inter-disciplinary for collaboration across the sciences and arts. Spread across three labs, the media lab offers a wide range of facilities for commercial, collaborative and research needs. Human Computer Interaction Lab: Dedicated space for spatial computing and interaction, equipped with a range of OEM embedded systems enabled for hacking, experimenting and rapid testing of new content production paradigms. Fitted with a range of tracking, haptic and capture technologies that can integrated with green screen and VP facilities, these will also provide options to enhance understanding in HCI and spatial computing in the context of content production and user experience design. Capture Lab, 170 sq meter studio facility that contains 3 independently operable integrated systems. Motion Capture System and tracking equipment suitable for Virtual Production, full performance capture and multi-user virtual reality experience. The high-end technical capabilities of the system will also enable research in body motion analysis, multi-user experiences, simulation training and testing VR/AR/MR experiences. Multi-Cam Virtual Production System for researching software innovation in a multi-camera broadcast context that can provide ultra-reliable playback and recording and offer the opportunity to conduct R&D on tools to enable the efficient gathering, editing and enrichment of content in a highly collaborative, integrated environment . LED Volume provides state-of-the-art XR experiences where real-time renders in 3D are displayed, mixed with live action camera capture and provide real-time rendered compositions in situ. Applications and use cases range from media production and performance capture through to multi-user training and simulation. Render/Data Lab is a high-spec Virtual Desktop Infrastructure facility for 50 seats to cover research, teaching and additional compute capacity for digital content creation, real-time 3D application development and deployment of algorithmic solutions to enhance production workflows.


Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities
virtual production
motion performance
human computer



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