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As one of the largest and most recognised groups in its field worldwide, the PEMC Research Group undertakes research in Power Electronics and Electrical Machines/Drives that are fundamental to our technological advancement. These technologies underpin the electrification of transport and all renewable energy strategies and are vital for a sustainable future. The Group undertakes work covering the entire space from basic components to complete systems, including a significant contribution to “Clean Sky” (Europe’s largest research programme) developing innovative, cutting-edge technology aimed at reducing CO2 emissions and noise levels produced by aircraft. Facilities: The group has excellent facilities for experimental work including approximately 2500 m2 of research space and a construction and testing capability up to 1 MW. Electrical Machines Testing and Prototyping: A number of rigs for testing machines of different sizes, speeds and load ratings, including a dedicated High Speed Area and High Power Area provide specialised testing capabilities with an 800 kW dynamometer, and a remotely monitored High Speed Area for safe-testing at speeds up to 120,000 rpm. Magnetic Material Characterisation: Enabling the testing of key components for electrical machines. One of only two of its kind in the world, this facility enables comprehensive measurements of the electrical properties of any type of electrical machine component. These can be measured under a range of thermal, electrical and mechanical conditions, allowing replication of operating conditions. The detail of characterisation allows the true performance of materials, such as laminations and permanent magnets, to be accurately measured. This provides a basis for improved simulations and increased confidence in performance prediction, ultimately leading to better electrical machine design. Power Semiconductor Device Evaluation and Testing: A number of linked facilities comprising transient thermal impedance testing, environmental chambers, 3 X-ray tomography, SAM, supporting research on packaging, reliability and thermal management of power semiconductor devices and highly integrated power conversion systems. Aircraft Electrical Systems Evaluation: Dedicated Electrical Power System laboratory with “on-ground” representation of aircraft systems to including comprehensive generation facilities for emulation on-board generation and testing to aerospace standards.


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