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The Natural Environment Research Council  (NERC) Environmental Data Service (EDS) provides a focal point for NERC's scientific data and information.   The EDS consists of a network of environmental data centres.  These centres hold data covering all aspects of environmental science, gathered from environmental scientists working in the UK and around the world. The EDS are responsible for maintaining environmental data and making them available to all users, not just NERC researchers but others from science, commerce, government and education as well as the general public.  

Within the EDS, NERC supports five data centres covering a range of discipline areas:

  • British Oceanographic Data Centre (Marine)
  • Centre for Environmental Data Analysis [run jointly with the Science and Technology Facilities Council]  (Atmospheric, Earth Observation, and Solar and space physics)
  • Environmental Information Data Centre (Terrestrial and freshwater)
  • National Geoscience Data Centre (Geoscience)
  • Polar Data Centre (Polar and cryosphere)


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Geological Data
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Polar Data
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Earth Observation Data



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