National Mass Spectrometry Facility

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Mass Spectrometry is an essential, fundamental, analytical tool for the characterisation of molecules, applicable in most areas of chemical synthesis, isolation and application. National Mass Spectrometry Facility (NMSF) at Swansea University, as the former EPSRC UK National Research Facility (NRF) for Mass Spectrometry, provides access to mass spectrometry and related hyphenated techniques and expertise for the UK scientific community; these are especially important when local facilities do not exist. NMSF can also provide access to a wider range of analytical techniques. Subject to funding, the NMSF also implements the newest technologies for the benefit of our users and for the advancement of mass spectrometry, while in addition providing expert training, consultation and impartial advice for the scientific community. It is a vital resource for scientific progress, providing essential data for high impact publications, supporting and facilitating research progression, and collaborating nationally and internationally on more challenging projects. The principal users are academics and industrialists associated with the fields of physical sciences; chemistry; biological chemistry; inorganic synthesis; materials chemistry; polymer chemistry; organometallic chemistry; organic synthesis, pharmacy and medicine. Scientists and engineers in other disciplines will also have the need to access mass spectrometry facilities. The main objective of the NMSF is to continue to underpin cutting-edge UK research and innovation, helping to keep the UK at the forefront of global developments.


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