MQ Adolescent Data Platform for Mental Health Research

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The MQADP is a research platform and infrastructure to enable research to improve children and young peoples’ mental health, by pooling data from multiple sources: linking routinely collected data (health, deprivation, social care) with clinical interviews, psychological, biological and genetic data. This resource will continue to expand in terms of size, nations covered, and breadth and depth of data, with continued linkage, recruitment and additional measures planned and be available for researchers to use. The platform is housed in the SAIL DataBank and as a UKSeRP. The SAIL Databank is an internationally acclaimed system for the robust secure storage and use of anonymised personbased data for research to improve health,well-being, society and public services and policy. The databank of anonymised data about the population of Wales is internationally recognised as one of the most comprehensive collection of linked, longitudinal data in the world. Within the ADP this data is curated to focus on adolescent mental health. The MQ UKSeRP is a high powered, safe and secure e-research platform. We will store, arrange linkage and access, develop onward sharing agreement and share data, analyse and link data at scale in a governed environment whilst maintaining full control of the data at all times. The ability to link multiple sources of data together that relate to e.g. a particular individual, a geographical location or an event, brings a new dimension to answering research questions. Data linkage allows researchers to use existing collections of extensive data that has been cleaned and curated. We will reduce the burden on organisations wishing to make their data ready and shareable. The MQ ADP can be used by health organisations, public and governmental bodies and universities to address their questions quickly through a single front facing platform supported by analysts. The platform has received funding from MQ.


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