Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre

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CPI has created the Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre to develop, prove and commercialise disruptive technologies for the pharmaceutical industry. Alongside partners in industry, government and academia, we operate a model focused around Grand Challenges where the pharmaceutical industry and its supply chain work together to identify and overcome major industry hurdles, aiming to reduce the time, resources and cost of medicines manufacturing, to ultimately deliver benefits to patients.

The centre is currently focused on delivering  four Grand Challenges, with more in development. The first, in collaboration with CMAC University of Strathclyde, explores how oral solid dosage medicines can be produced more robustly and efficiently utilising continuous direct compression. The second focuses on how these medicines can then be delivered to patients with minimal waste and maximum speed, using just-in-time manufacture and supply capabilities. The third will help overcome barriers to the scalable, affordable, and sustainable manufacture of oligonucleotides, with the fourth focused on driving the digital future of the pharma industry by aligning the industry on an end-to-end vision of a compliant digital systems architecture with frictionless connectivity.


Biological Sciences, Health & Food
Medicines Manufacturing
Digital Manufacturing
Digital Pharma Manufacturing
Just in Time Manufacturing
Advanced Pharmaceutical manufaturing
Sustainability in pharmaceutical manufacturing
Continuous Direct Compression



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