Material and Chemical Characterisation Facility

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The University of Bath has established several cross-disciplinary multi-user Core Research Facilities of which the Material and Chemical Characterisation Facility (MC2) is the largest. MC2 encompasses critical technology for the characterisation of materials from the molecular to organism level, with techniques including NMR, mass spectrometry, X-ray diffraction (powder and single crystal), thermal and elemental analysis, flow cytometry, and electron-, laser scanning-, high content-, raman- and scanning probe microscopes with elemental x-ray detectors.

This Core Research Facility combines cutting-edge equipment with management and technical expertise to ensure the widest possible range of researchers benefit from this specialist equipment. Our user base spans subject areas from biochemistry, through sustainable chemistry, to automotive engineering and psychology, both from the University of Bath and beyond. Access to our cutting-edge capital equipment and expertise enables researchers at all levels to gain insights into their research question, progressing from questions and data to information and answers.


Biological Sciences, Health & Food
Physical Sciences & Engineering
Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities
chemical analysis
material characterisation
mass spectrometry
electron microscopy
X-ray diffraction



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