Long Term Monitoring Network

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The Long Term Monitoring Network (LTMN) was set up in 2009 to record, analyse and predict environmental change in the United Kingdom. The overarching focus of the network is to understand long term air pollution and climate change impacts on biodiversity of high quality semi-natural habitats, and to that end long-term data collection of physical, chemical and biological variables is carried out using strict protocols across 37 sites. Comprehensive co-located datasets detailing vegetation, soil physical and chemical properties, soil microbial communities and butterfly communities are freely available to download, with further datasets due to be published soon. Air quality data for a subset of these sites is available from the United Kingdom Eutrophying & Acidifying Network (UKEAP) website.

This project was developed in order to expand on the data collected by the Environmental Change Network (ECN) and follows similar protocols.


Climate change
Air quality
National Nature Reserves
Environmental Change Network



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