Large Scale Computing at Bradford

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We provide large-scale computing resources to help University of Bradford scientists and collaborators carry out computational and data intensive research across all fields.  

As cutting-edge research becomes increasingly computational, the High-Performance Computing (HPC) Service supports University of Bradford researchers to take research to the next level. Whether with academic collaborators or industry partners, through consultancy or contract research, we accelerate computationally intensive research in fields such as health data analytics, bioinformatics, numerical modelling, and machine learning.

If you are interested in accessing Bradford HPC resources for your own research, exploring collaboration opportunities, consulting services, or contract research, please get in touch

Our Technology

  • Our system supports workloads like fluid dynamics or molecular modelling in parallel across 100’s of cores, reducing the time it takes to get your results compared to your desktop computer
  • Our Graphics Processing Units from Nvidia accelerate machine learning tools like TensorFlow and Alphafold. 250 Terabytes of connected storage lets you hold and access all your data easily during processing
  • Software can be deployed traditionally as modules, in virtual environments, or with a container manager either across the HPC or under sole control, depending on need
  • We provide training to get your started, whether you are a HPC beginner or are just looking for a refresh, we can cater for you

“I work to lower the bar of entry to large scale computing with focussed training and support”

           Dr Martin Wolstencroft - Research Computing Service Owner

Our innovators are already benefitting from the training and support provided by the Bradford HPC Service, contact us.


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Physical Sciences & Engineering
High Performance Computing
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