Lancaster Quantum Technology Centre Cleanrooms

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The Quantum Technology Centre cleanrooms, based in Lancaster University’s Physics Department, establish a significant technology presence in the Northwest. Our world class facilities include a class 100 and two class 1000 clean rooms housing state-of-the-art nanofabrication equipment. The facilities provide the possibility to run multi-step nanofabrication processes to build electronic, photonic and nanomechanical devices and structures with a feature size as small as 10 nm. It allows processing of metals, semiconductors, insulators and 2-D materials in different device layers with an alignment accuracy of 20 nm, for applications in metrology, quantum computing, communications, medicine and energy.

Academics and businesses can access our facilities through a variety of agreements. We have a wide range of services and routes to collaboration and our experienced team aim to help each business find the specific expertise and solutions they need. As part of a wide multidisciplinary team, we can also draw on additional support from across Lancaster University and beyond.


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