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JADE is a national GPU supercomputing facility for machine learning and molecular dynamics. Oxford University is the lead institution, with other partners being Bristol, Edinburgh, KCL, QMUL, Sheffield, Southampton, UCL, and the Alan Turing Institute. It has been funded by a one-off capital grant of £3M, with the 3-year running costs being borne by a leading IT company, Atos, which will recoup its costs by selling time to industrial users. The primary driver for the creation of JADE is the huge growth in machine learning in the last few years. Machine learning, which is largely synonymous with AI is being used in almost every industry, from self-driving cars to drug discovery, and is a central part of the government's industrial research strategy. JADE has 22 of the DGX-1 systems produced by NVIDIA, the world's leading computer company for machine learning computing systems.


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