Jisc Tiered Storage Service

Submitted by matthew_dovey on Mon, 07/22/2019 - 11:59
The Jisc Tiered Storage Service provides a national storage infrastructure. Whilst the service is application agnostic providing raw storage for the breadth of HE and FE purposes, it provides optimised storage for research purposes including storage for raw and active research data ; data staging for high performance and high throughput computing; research data management; research information management. The service provides a single point of access automatically distributing the data between institutions, Jisc’s private cloud storage and public storage and archive cloud providers by using the performance of the Janet network. This ensures that data currently in use is near the research application with the required performance characteristics, whilst making use of cheaper remote storage for data not currently in active use. The service optimises storage across the available tiers through active management maintaining multiple copies and versions as required. The service provides a national storage infrastructure which can scale to support big data and data intensive research applications in a cost effective way by supporting different data retention policies and optimising performance and cost across different storage tiers Other applications of Tiered Storage include digital asset management and library management systems; backup and disaster recovery; preservation and curation archiving; secure data storage; enterprise data and systems (e.g. financial, personnel, academic records, estate management, human resources, corporate affairs, public relations); virtual learning environments; private cloud virtual infrastructure (such as vmware or hyper-v) The Jisc Tiered Storage Service is a component in a broader offering of hybrid and hyperconvergent cloud solutions which currently include shared data centre facilities and frameworks for data, computational and infrastructure cloud services.


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E-Infrastructure & Data
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