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Submitted by neil_jacobs on Mon, 07/22/2019 - 11:59

The Jisc open science service brings together several components that enable researchers and institutions to implement and benefit from open science, including open access to publications, more open research data, and more transparent research indicators. It offers an end-to-end suite of functionality, providing: • Information (human and machine readable) on open science policies from funders and publishers; • negotiated agreements with publishers and other content providers; • a multi-tenant hosted open science and data repository and preservation service; • monitoring and reporting tools; • the largest open aggregation of open publications in the world, allowing discovery and text-mining; • a research datasets discovery service; • reliable download reporting; • researcher identification via ORCID. Join-up with: • a service enabling discovery and sharing of research equipment and facilities (more detail in a separate survey response to Equipment.data); • the UK Data Service at Jisc, providing access to an extensive collection of UK and international data assets for social, economic and multi-disciplinary research and teaching. The service interoperates using open standards with a wide and growing range of public and commercial services and infrastructures to support open science workflows. The service is designed to support researchers across all disciplines, in universities and research institutes across the UK. Using it, they can comply with the open science policies of funders and publishers, can manage research data, and make it, and associated publications, openly available, and track their use. Funders and institutions can monitor open science to inform strategy and planning. The service is important in the context of clear direction given by the G7 Science Ministers (September 2017) and by UKRI Chief Executive Designate Sir Mark Walport (February 2018) in support of much greater openness in research. Building on the Jisc Janet network, security, trust and identity and storage services, the Jisc open science service provides the UK with a core part of the open science infrastructure being pursued internationally via initiatives such as the European Open Science Cloud.


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