JASMIN - a data analysis facility for environmental science

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JASMIN is a globally-unique data analysis facility. It provides storage and compute facilities to enable data-intensive environmental science. Over 1600 users are currently supported, exploring topics ranging from climate change and oceanography to air pollution, earthquake deformation and analysis of wildlife populations.

Centred more around storage and data analysis than a "traditional" supercomputer, JASMIN provides flexibility for a wide range of data-intensive analysis workflows. Several types of computer resources are connected to the storage to provide flexible ways to analyse data: 

  • Interactive systems deliver an environment for testing new workflows and lightweight analysis. 
  • The Lotus batch cluster supports large-scale parallel processing to speed up analysis time. 
  • The Orchid GPU cluster is available for specialised workflows, including machine learning applications 
  • The Community Cloud provides infrastructure for projects to assemble and manage their own computing components, from individual systems to customised clusters.

JASMIN is hosted and managed by the Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC) on behalf of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). It is operated and supported by an innovative cross-institutional team with expertise in systems administration, computer science, research software engineering and environmental informatics.

You can read more about JASMIN here


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Environmental science
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Image showing the machine room where JASMIN is located in Oxfordshire. The image has blue lights and shows racks of computing hardware stacked in an air-conditioned corridor within the machine room.

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