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Janet is the UK’s National Research and Education Network (NREN). It connects all publicly-funded research and innovation (R&I) and is itself primarily publicly funded. It also provides connectivity to privately-funded R&I as needed. Janet is an essential underpinning of all R&I in the UK. Without it, no modern RII or collaboration could function. Jisc’s overall objective in providing Janet is to support the whole of the UK’s research and innovation sector by ensuring that Janet continues to meet the sector’s demands, particularly in the conduct of data-led R&I and collaborations. The overall design aims of Janet with respect to R&I are threefold: to provide very high bandwidth and low-latency; to ensure high availability for mission-critical activities; and to provide leading-edge cybersecurity and information assurance. It achieves these aims via a purpose-built and operated optical platform which also provides a high degree of future-proofing against future demands. Janet operates across all countries of the UK. Janet provides a range of discrete connectivity services. These include a high-performance and ubiquitous IP service; dedicated bandwidth and virtual private networks to support individual RIIs and projects; test-bed services including the EPSRC NDFIS and the NPIF-funded 5G test-bed; roaming services (eduroam); and higher information assurance services to facilitate the safe movement of sensitive data (Safe Share), particularly in medical and health research. Janet also provides high-bandwidth connectivity to the major cloud providers, an increasingly important source of compute and data storage services for R&I. Janet is designed to provide global reach for UK R&I. It does so primarily through partnership with other NRENs and in particular through the EU GÉANT collaboration. This provides the means to project the services above on a European and worldwide scale. Providing security requires a range of state-of-the-art technological measures and the expertise to deploy them to defend against the increasing cybersecurity threat landscape. As well as protecting the Janet infrastructure itself, the Janet Security Operations Centre (SOC) provides protection, threat analysis, advisory and other services to universities and others so that they may protect the integrity of the RIIs for which they are responsible. The SOC also works closely with UK law enforcement and national security agencies, and with international peers.


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