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Description: InterMine provides a software platform to integrate disparate biological data sources and query them effectively, enabling researchers to run analyses across data sets that otherwise might not have been cross-queryable. InterMine is open source, so any research group dealing in similar data sets can re-use it for their own data. A registry of existing InterMine instances can be found at

Support: The core InterMine team in Cambridge provides support in the form of training, user guides,documentation, ongoing development and bugfixes, and advice for potential users and people interested in creating their own instances of InterMine.

Tooling: InterMine instances can be queried via a web interface or via a REST API with clients in multiple programming languages, including R, Python, and Perl. A core data model for all InterMine instances means that a query or tutorial written for one InterMine instance will often be portable to other InterMines with little or no changes required, enabling effective cross-organism and cross-InterMine querying.




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