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Instruct-ERIC is the single point of access to technology and expertise for structural biology research. Through its specialist research centres in Europe, Instruct-ERIC offers funded research visits, training, internships and R&D awards. By promoting integrative methods, Instruct-ERIC enables excellent science and technological development for the benefit of all life scientists.

Instruct-ERIC is a European organisation, hosted in the UK. Users can apply to use services at any of Instruct-ERIC's Centres across Europe. The Instruct Centre UK has facilities at the University of Oxford, Diamond Light Source and the University of Leeds.

All academic and industry researchers are eligible to apply to use Instruct services. Funding is available for academic researchers from Instruct-ERIC Member countries and organisations, which includes scientists working in the UK.


Instruct-ERIC offers access to a catalogue of cutting-edge technology, enabling an integrative approach to structural biology.

Technologies available through Instruct include:

  • Sample preparation - macromolecular and membrane protein crystallisation, nanobody production
  • Biomolecular analysis - native and proteomic mass spectrometry, molecular biophysics
  • 3D structural analysis - cryo-electron microscopy, bio-SAXS, NMR

View the catalogue and then submit a research proposal.


Instruct-ERIC offers a variety of training courses in structural biology methods to equip scientists with knowledge of the latest technologies. Our annual programme of hands-on workshops are delivered by international experts on a broad range of topics.

View the Instruct-ERIC training programme.


The Instruct-ERIC internship programme funds three- to six-month research placements at our Centres across Europe. Our internships establish valuable collaborations and allow early-career scientists to develop expertise to enhance their research.

Find out about Instruct-ERIC internships.


R&D awards

Periodically, Instruct publishes calls for small scale pilot research projects in integrated structural biology, awarding up to a maximum of €15,000 per project. All proposals must include the use of technologies available at Instruct Centres, or develop technologies that will benefit the aims of Instruct-ERIC.

Find out about Instruct-ERIC R&D awards.




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