Institute of Creative Technologies

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Since it's foundation in 2006, the Institute has been bringing together technologists, creative practitioners and researchers across discipline areas to develop truly innovative transdisciplinary creative technologies practice and research. The IOCT makes and shares new knowledge and expertise, synthesising practice based research with pioneering advances in digital computing, information technologies, creative practice, science and engineering. Work made falls across four interdisciplinary themes; Creativity in the Digital Age, Urban Living, Life-long Wellbeing, and Social Value. The IOCT comprises of a VR/XR Lab, and MotionCapture Lab, Games Labs and Creative Computing Labs. Knowledge exchange and public engagement are central to the IOCT, and we are always looking to develop new collaborative partnerships with individuals and organisations. We are particularly keen to work on projects that use creative technologies to make a difference to our daily lives -our urban environments, our health and wellbeing, our engagement with culture and creativity and our communities.


Physical Sciences & Engineering
Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities
creative technologies
rapid prototyping
creative ai



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