Hounsfield Facility

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The Hounsfield Facility is a world leading multidisciplinary research centre which focuses on understanding plant and soil interactions and their responses to environmental stresses. It integrates scientists from across a wide spectrum of disciplines in the Schools of Biosciences, Computer Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering at the University of Nottingham. Our research employs state of the art imaging techniques such as X-ray Computed Tomography and Laser Ablation Tomography.

The Hounsfield Facility is home to some of the very latest in X-ray imaging research equipment housed in a state-of-the-art building with a fully automated greenhouse which is manned by a laser guided robot, needed to feed the 1m long, 80kg samples to the largest scanner. Our equipment permits the quantification of materials over a range of spatial scales from <1µm to 150 µm.

In addition to our academic research, we offer bespoke quantification and analytical services to both academic and commercial research projects.


Biological Sciences, Health & Food
X-ray Computed Tomography
Plant Science
Soil Science
Plant Phenotypying
Soil Structure
Non-destructive Testing



Image of automated sample loading in the glasshouse at Hounsfield Facility

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