High Voltage Laboratories At The University of Manchester

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The laboratories are capable of testing high voltage equipment at a range of voltages up to 800kV AC, 600kV DC and 2MV impulse (lightning and switching). The testing capabilities we have are relevant to electricity transmission and distribution networks, a range of industrial high voltage devices and the high voltage components being deployed in vehicles including ships, aircraft and cars. High voltage testing can be carried out at a range of temperatures and pressures with specialist monitoring equipment including a range of material test facilities being available. The laboratory is supporting the efforts to deliver a radical transformation of our energy networks]. The electrification of heat and transport will significantly increase demand on the electricity network while coping with greater winter peaks and unpredictable fluctuations in outputs from renewable generation. New power system equipment needs to be developed with improved power density, lower cost, increased environmental performance, and longer lifetimes. Although developments can be supported by numerical and lower voltage experimental simulations, research and development ultimately requires robust, full-scale, high voltage testing to fully understand the physical degradation / failure processes that can take place.


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