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The Higgs Centre for Innovation brings together world-class research in astronomy (located alongside STFC's UK Astronomy Technology Centre), particle physics and the instrumentation expertise that underpins it, with business incubation facilities and laboratories suitable for commercial use. Conducting research and development is costly. Start-ups and early stage companies frequently lack the financial resources to invest in high specification analytical and testing equipment, thus hindering their growth. The Higgs Centre for Innovation contains purpose-built laboratories allowing start-up companies direct, affordable and flexible access to cutting-edge equipment, eliminating the need to develop, buy or pay prohibitively high prices to use research and development capabilities. The range of facilities are tailored to the areas of remote sensing instrumentation, space technology and data intensive science. Due to the history and sector strengths of the Royal Oberservatory site, the Higgs Centre for Innovation is equipped to support companies working in space-related industries and big data analytics. 

The facility have particular expertise in the testing of nanosatellites/small space hardware. A selection of facilities include but are not limited to: Vibration Testing, EMC Testing, Vacuum Testing, Thermal Testing, Big Data Visualisation. Please see below website for more detail, or get in contact to find out more.


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An aerial of the Royal Observatory Edinburgh, in which the Higgs Centre for Innovation sits

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