Growing Up In Digital Europe: EuroCohort

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What it does: Growing Up In Digtal Europe (GUIDE/EuroCohort) is the first Europe wide birth cohort survey. It is the first systematic data collection of longitudinal micro data on child well-being across Europe. The birth cohort is complemented by a primary school cohort facilitating early comparative results. Over a period of 25 years data will be collected from both cohorts which will allow a sophisticated dynamic analysis of child and young people’s well-being across Europe. GUIDE/EuroCohort will provide policy makers with high quality data from which policy interventions can be developed and evaluated. As the respondents to the survey grow up an increasing body of data will develop, able to show the ways in which national policies have made impacts and showing where policy interventions can make significant improvements. Goals and objectivesl: GUIDE/EuroCohort is alerting policy-makers and funding bodies to the strategic and funding needs to know how to enhance child well-being. It can also help to strategically align sources of funding across Europe towards addressing Grand Challenges. Instrumental: GUIDE/EuroCohort will contribute towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals as it will offer a greater insight into topics such as poverty, health, well-being, and education. Capacity Building: Knowledge exchange within and beyond the Consortium will contribute to European capacity building and strengthen cross-border links. This infrastructure will bring together a network of people, expertise, information, knowledge, content and methods. Why it is important: A comparative longitudinal survey of child well-being in Europe will give policy-makers at a European and Member State level new possibilities for evidence based policy formulation. GUIDE/EuroCohort exceeds the known benefits of national cohort surveys through generating a rich internationally comparative, harmonised data set. By design, GUIDE/EuroCohort is a bespoke survey infrastructure that will: -help understand transitions in young peoples’ lives; -enable researchers to identify patterns of change, i.e. the dynamics and factors associated with children and young people health, education and employment trajectories; -be used retrospectively to identify the circumstances and experiences in earlier life that impact a given outcome later; -be applied prospectively to make predictions about the outcomes of particular circumstances and experiences in life occurring at particular points in time


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