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Fraunhofer CAP provides professional applied R&D services with/for industry. (i.e. working on direct cash contracts and also working on collaborative projects.) This is demand driven research combined with scientific excellence and postgraduate training. Fraunhofer CAP has expertise in a wide range of optics, lasers and laser systems, with dedicated laboratories and test and measurement facilities. This allows us to deliver R and D projects from short term feasibility, de-risking, through to demonstration in the field and pre-production prototypes of complex optical systems. The research/innovation goals are to accelerate the maturation of photonics technologies to help industry and thereby the economy through high value jobs and growth. Fraunhofer CAP helps photonics companies with the latest developing technologies as well as working across all sectors to make optical technologies accessible to many markets. Internal projects also lead to IP generation and foresighting and thgouth leadership on technical/commercial opportunities. Fraunhofer always has a strong integration with academia, to be connected to the research base, to bring through new technologies, to remain ahead of industry, and to have appopriate academic supervision in the training of the PhD/EngD students we support. This is important: photonics is a rapidly growing market with significant UK strength in the research base and in industry. An RTO dedicated to working with industry in high quality applied R and D will ensure these strengths are capitalised on. Being part of the Fraunhofer network helps make connections to Europe's largest applied R and D provider as well as helping UK companies engage with expertise and supply chains in the EU and well beyond.


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