FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility

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FloWave is a multi-directional wave and current test basin, operating at scales typically between 1:20 and 1:40. The facility has a unique design, with 168 active-absorbing wavemakers and 28 flow drive units arranged in a circular configuration. This allows for the recreation of complex multi-directional sea states and combined wave-current conditions. The facility serves academic and industrially led projects, with the majority of research being conducted in the field of offshore renewable energy. Typical projects involve the testing scale renewable energy devices (wave, tidal and wind) to explore operational and survival performance. The facility has a comprehensive instrumentation suite, onsite workshop, and dedicated scientific and technical staff to deliver the objectives of individual projects. The facility’s unique configuration makes it well placed to the deliver these projects, with the ability to generate the complex site-specific sea conditions relevant for potential device deployment locations. Much of the research undertaken at the facility is dedicated to furthering this capacity, which often includes innovative measurement techniques for the purposes of validation with field data. FloWave operates across a broad range of Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs), and as such is a versatile resource for the sector. Low TRL work has including fundamental science such as the study of extreme wave formation and wave-current interaction, as well as the development of new device concepts in the ocean energy sector. Higher TRL level work, typically undertaken as joint academic-industrial projects, has demonstrated the facility’s ability to provide a cost-effective research & development environment to de-risk marine energy technology prior to deployment as sea. FloWave is one of a limited number of large-scale marine laboratories available to UK academics and businesses and supports their objectives with dedicated infrastructure and staffing. As such, it is an important enabling asset to support the development of innovative technologies in the ocean energy sector in particular, and also to provide validation and certification support services to more established marine industries.


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