European Soft Matter Infrastructure

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The Soft Matter laboratories of the University of Edinburgh are part of the distributed European Soft Matter infrastructure (EUSMI). EUSMI provides open access to state of the art facilities for characterization, synthesis and modelling of soft materials. The facilities in Edinburgh cover optical microscopy techniques in combination with rheological characterisation. Special emphasis is given to techniques probing the dynamics of such systems. The facility houses several confocal microscopes and a wide range of state-of-the-art wide field microscopy stations. Several of these microscopes can be combined with a range of advanced rheometers and there is a range of techniques such as dynamic light scattering and differential dynamic microscopy to probe the dynamics of soft materials. The centre has an established programme of developing new specialised instrumentation and experimental techniques to characterise soft materials and also has access to in house expertise of particle synthesis. The facility supports a wide ranging fundamental science programme but also underpins a variety of applied and industrial projects from veterinary science to food, cosmetics and ceramics.


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