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Jisc’s is the national equipment portal, which lists over 17,000 items of equipment from 57 institutions, including universities and research institutes ( Having begun as a project at the University of Southampton, Jisc has transitioned to a national service. Jisc is now undertaking development of the equipment sharing infrastructure for the UK research sector. The aim is for Jisc, institutional stakeholders and researchers to be comfortable asset sharing through and to be able to monitor and evidence benefits and cost savings. We are in the process of implementing enhancements to the service requested by the user community, collecting evidence of the benefits of equipment sharing and expanding the user base. The challenges that the asset sharing agenda is addressing are: 1. Better research: research reproducibility depends on access to the data, methodology and equipment involved in generating the data. Linking the pieces of kit to the research outputs will support the better research agenda by supporting narratives / evidence of research impact. Sharing has also been shown to drive new research collaborations. 2. Cost savings: sharing research equipment and increasing access to high-end kit will allow the sector (universities and funders) to save on new purchases and make better use of existing equipment, including recovery of maintenance and operating costs to inform planning by HEIs and nationally. 3. Compliance: sharing research equipment on meets funder policy requirements and/ or grant conditions in terms of sharing and making use of spare capacity on facilities


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