EPSRC National Electron Paramagnetic Spectroscopy Facility and Service

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The EPSRC EPR National Service provides EPR measurement and analysis services to colleges and universities within the United Kingdom. Industrial usage can also be arranged. It is the policy of the Centre that suppliers of samples are encouraged to visit the Centre and to gain “hands on” experience. Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) spectroscopy is possibly the most powerful technique for characterisation of paramagnetic materials, i.e. that contain unpaired electrons. Such materials are ubiquitous, from biological processes to magnetic materials; hence the technique is an essential tool in physics, chemistry, materials and biological sciences. The National EPR Facility includes: • multiple EPR spectrometers providing both continuous wave (c.w.) and pulsed EPR spectroscopy; frequencies ranging from 1 GHz to 34 GHz with arrangements in place for higher frequencies; • facilities to measure samples directly in many different states (e.g. fluid solution, frozen solution, powder, single crystal, film, gas, melt, or even as a piece of biological membrane or within an electronic device) and at temperatures from ca. 2.5 to 400 K; • skilled personnel to measure and to interpret spectra, and to design the best experiments for users; • workshops to provide training from an introductory level suitable for new PhD students to advanced, to bring greater expertise to the wider user community; • access to lasers, to allow characterisation of photo-excited states; • complementary magnetic measurements.


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