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Energy House Laboratories consists for 4 laboratories focused on research in domestic energy consumption. This covers issues including, fabric performance, building physics, internal environments, digital (smart meters) and other related technical areas. This has focused on retrofit, but new investment will open this to include new build properties. The team look at the performance of systems, as well as the methodological issues of building performance.

EHL consist of 4 labs: the Salford Energy House is a whole Victorian property, with a neighbouring void, built within an environmental chamber that can replicate heating latitude temperatures, including wind, rain and solar, the Thermal Lab is a UKAS accredited lab that undertakes assessment of materials, the Smart Meters Smart Homes Lab provides accessible smart meters and smart homes infrastructure to create an innovation sandpit, and Energy House 2.0 (construction completed early 2022) is a £16m whole building research facility with 2 chambers that will replicate the weather conditions of 95% of the populated globe. Energy House 2 will allow whole building to be constructed inside and extend the capabilities of the Salford Energy House.

EHL focuses on working with industry and policy makers to address the challenges of decarbonisation and supporting clean growth by reducing the innovation time for products to generate evidence of their performance and get to market. This includes both the new build and retrofit markets, s well; as small commercial properties. EHL is a problem-led research group with a high level of connection to industry.

The Salford Energy House and Energy House 2.0 represent unique research capability, This is high demand from industry with the Salford Energy House being in constant use since 2013. Energy House 2.0 is already committed for its first year. Partner organisations have included, Octopus Energy, Barrett Developments, Persimmon, GMCA, BEIS, Good Energy, Saint Gobain, and Honda.


smart meters
indoor environments
smart homes



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