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The Energy Data Centre (EDC) is a part of the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) and provides a hub for information on all publically funded energy research happening in the UK.

The following types of information are held in the EDC:

  • Data Catalogue - our collection of energy-related datasets; some are curated here at the Energy Data Centre, but there are links to others held elsewhere
  • Project Catalogue - this contains information about publically funded research in energy derived from a range of funding bodies. This can be searched, and once searched, filters can be applied to narrow down your search for more targeted results. It was formerly known as the Research Register.
  • Landscapes (“Where we are today”) - these provide a comprehensive account of competencies and publicly funded activities in energy research, and development and demonstration in the UK.
  • Roadmaps (“Where we should be going”) - a collection of national and international documents summarizing the problems to be overcome before new technologies can be commercially viable
  • ETI Publications - these are the publically accessible outputs of the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) - Journal Articles, Books, Book Chapters, Conference Papers, ETI Publications (working papers and reports), Presentations, and Calls for proposals.
  • UKERC Publications - these are publications published by UKERC, or produced as a result of UKERC’s activities. These can be searched for specific titles, or a category/research theme can be chosen to search through
  • Visualizations - a collection of visual tools for understanding large datasets

Each record is classified by extra dimensions to enhance search effectiveness:

  • Energy category, broadly based on the International Energy Agency classification ( )
  • Type of R&D funding
  • Science and technology description, based on the UNESCO (Frascati) and the RAE (Research Assessment Exercise) schemes
  • Description of the cross-cutting inter-disciplinarily of the project.

The UKERC Energy Data Centre is developed and maintained for UKERC by the Energy Research Unit at STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.





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