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The Energy Data Centre (EDC) is a part of the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) and provides a hub for information on publically funded energy research happening in the UK.

The following types of information are held in the EDC:

  • Data Catalogue - our collection of energy-related datasets; some are curated here at the Energy Data Centre and some are signposted to on other sites
  • Project Catalogue - this contains information about publically funded research in energy derived from a range of funding bodies. This can be searched, and once searched, filters can be applied to narrow down your search for more targeted results.
  • Landscapes (“Where we are today”) - these provide a comprehensive account of competencies and publicly funded activities in energy research, and development and demonstration in the UK.
  • Roadmaps (“Where we should be going”) - a collection of national and international documents summarizing the problems to be overcome before new technologies can be commercially viable
  • ETI Publications - these are the publically accessible outputs of the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) - Journal Articles, Books, Book Chapters, Conference Papers, ETI Publications (working papers and reports), Presentations, and Calls for proposals.
  • UKERC Publications - these are publications published by UKERC, or produced as a result of UKERC’s activities. These can be searched for specific titles, or a category/research theme can be chosen to search through
  • Visualizations - a collection of tools for understanding large datasets

Each record is classified by extra dimensions to enhance search effectiveness:

  • Energy category, broadly based on the International Energy Agency classification ( )
  • Type of R&D funding
  • Science and technology description, based on the UNESCO (Frascati) and the RAE (Research Assessment Exercise) schemes
  • Description of the cross-cutting inter-disciplinarity of the project.

The UKERC Energy Data Centre is developed and maintained for UKERC by the Energy Research Unit at STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.





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