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The University of Bristol’s Earth Science Collection contains over 100,000 palaeontological, petrological and mineralogical samples of scientific and historical importance. This includes over 1600 type, figured and cited specimens, 10,000 geological thin sections and slides and an archive of international geological maps. An additional 16,000 handling specimens are available. One of its main objectives is to supports, facilitates and promotes collection-based research to help answer current research questions in the field of palaeontology, mineralogy and geology. The Earth Science Collection is nationally and internationally recognised and attracts over 250 academic and public enquires each year. Recent research publications included the discovery of a new ichthyosaur species, the detailed paleontological description of local micro vertebrate sites and a review of the Otter Sandstone Biota. The Earth Science Collection also aims, in collaboration with other institutions such as Bristol Spike Island and the Cabot Institute, to promote a dialog between artists, the public and scientists through the EarthArt initiative ( The collection is at the heart of sciences-communication projects and supports events such as Festival of Nature, Bristol Bright Night, Research without Borders and Bristol Dinosaur Project. The Earth Science Collection also plays an integral role in the delivery of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programmes across 2 Schools offering students a hands-on and specimen-based experience whilst introducing extra-curricular elements of curation, collection and heritage care and preservation. The Earth Science Collection is unique to its host organisation the University of Bristol as it goes right back to the early days when the organisation was founded and first specimens entered the stores. The collection includes collections and archives of nationally and internationally reknown geologists such as William Johnson Sollas, John William Tutcher, Professor Sidney High Reynolds and Prof Robert Savage and is an essential archive of material and stories of dedicated amateur geologist from the Bristol and Somerset area.


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