Earlham Biofoundry

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The Earlham Biofoundry is an integrated automation platform for the design, construction, and characterisation of organisms used in discovery bioscience and biotechnology.  It provides a platform resource comprising expertise in synthetic biology approaches and access to cutting-edge automation platforms to enable the UK’s bioscience and biotechnology communities to undertake large-scale experimentation. We have expertise in molecular biology, organism engineering, synthetic biology, and the development and optimisation of automated workflows. Our suites of automation hardware, together with our expertise in large-scale experiment design, automation programming, and synthetic biology approaches, can be applied to numerous molecular and microbiological workflows to revolutionise the speed and scale of research, increasing accuracy, and reducing costs per sample. The Earlham Biofoundry works collaboratively with researchers in academia and industry contributing scientific expertise and technical excellence in automation programming to pursue complex experimental designs, develop novel automated workflows, and to generate and analyse large and robust datasets. In addition, optimised automated workflows for widely used protocols such as DNA assembly are made available to researchers across academia and industry as services.


Biological Sciences, Health & Food
Physical Sciences & Engineering
synthetic biology
molecular biology
plant biology



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