Earlham Advanced Genomics and Computational Training

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The Earlham Institute Advanced Training infrastructure provides a programme of events, aimed at life scientists who are engaging in increasingly data-driven research, specifically those related to -omics techniques. The increasing trend for large-scale research projects means, in areas such as genomics with fast-moving technological advancements, that higher education curricula often fails to keep pace. This leads to skills gaps in recent graduates who are often missing the vital combination of skills required to undertake research in these areas.

Earlham Institute is one of only a handful of places in the world that follows research from sample, to data analysis, to paper on a large scale. The overarching approach to our research is reflected in the diversity and advanced nature of our training courses. We use a combination of trainers from both science faculty and the Genomics Pipeline team to provide in-depth knowledge to cover topics from DNA extraction, library preparation and sequencing, to data QC, genome assembly, annotation, as well as highly specialised expertise in research areas underpinned by biological questions.

Earlham Institute is proud of our highly collaborative nature and we capitalise on this in order to develop and offer new courses which include external teaching faculty from the Norwich Research Park (NRP), nationally and internationally. Using teaching faculty who are currently undertaking research in the appropriate fields ensures that delegates receive training on the very latest technologies and practices.

Our training programme is aimed predominantly at PhD students and early career PostDocs where there is greater potential for impact on future research projects. We  disseminate newly developed approached from our Core Strategic Programme, develop courses in combination with our other infrastructures in Genomics and Single Cell Analysis, Bio Foundry and computational approaches using EI's e-Infrastructure. This programme of courses is also complemented by a number of other events that we support with the aim of bringing together researchers from different disciplines, providing networking opportunities and the chance to identify challenges in particular research areas with a view to proposing next steps and solutions.


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